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Watchers in the Dark, 4th-Level One Shot (5E)

A meteorite has crashed into the countryside, and now vicious enemies prowl the night. Can the characters put a stop to the sinister force that is causing savage animal attacks and a growing list of missing people?

Watchers in the Dark is a cosmic horror one-shot adventure for 4th-level characters. It takes about 3-4 hour to complete and includes:

  • A horrifying discovery beneath a meteorite crater

  • Three new monsters: two variant ankhegs and an alien being, the mind-shard

  • Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure

  • Gorgeous, hand-drawn maps by Jake from Beware the Wizard

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Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

Video walkthrough of the adventure below.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
An Exciting Horror/Sci-fi Adventure, Even For More Experienced Players

My players love SciFi horror and I hilariously ran this with holiday themes (reindeer, wizards as Christmas elves etc). If your players love this genre, they're going to thoroughly enjoy this 1 shot!

It was fun from the moment I picked up this one shot to the second I put it down. Kelsey's writing really made it all mysterious with the horror vibes with clever build-up and well-placed foreshadowing. It was effortless to make it part of my own adventure world as a spin-off one-shot with a ragtag group. It's also quite easy to make it a continuous story with the supplemented quest suggestions at the end of the 1 shot.

For a busy Christmas day's sake, I took out a couple of combat encounters (as we barely had enough time to finish). My players really liked the amount of roleplay/NPC interactions, the mysterious exploration, and the intense conflict at the end. There's a fair balance of encounters for all types of players to enjoy!

Daniel Nicoletti
Great fun!

Me and my friends had a lot of fun playing this!

Best published adventure I've ever run

TL;DR: 100% buy and run this adventure for your group. Everyone will love it.

I ran it twice, once with brand new characters, once as part of an ongoing campaign, and it worked flawlessly both times. There is no futzing about with "getting the quest" , which means you don't have to worry about your players hitting a brick wall right out the gate by being too careful. As other people have mentioned, Arcane Library's minimalist presentation is phenomenal. All the information you need to run an encounter is there on a single page, and the PDF is hyperlinked to relevant information so that what isn't there (like the full stat block for every npc) is effortlessly accessible. There are also combat cards you can print out, AND maps suitable for virtual or physical tabletop. AND there are suggestions for how to spin off from the aftermath of the adventure, if your party is hooked on the theme, characters, or location. Her other adventures adhere to these same design features, so if level 4 isn't right for your party, you can easily get a module that is. At time of writing (2020-12-13) there are adventures of levels 1-8 and a world-shaking level 20 adventure that you can run in a couple sessions! Each adventure has a video walkthroughs to help the GM understand the adventure before running it. It is also easily convertible to other systems. Even if you aren't running 5e, you still have reason to get this adventure.

I can't wait to run more.

Jay Burkette
Superb one-shot that can be incorporated easily into an existing campaign

Exceptionally fun and different adventure - with an intriguing "boss" encouraging tension and uncertainty all the way through the scenario. I posted a lengthy synopsis of the session I ran with this module on Kelsey's walk-through video on YouTube (link below). Strongly recommended!


Elegant design. Eerie enemies. Epic boss.

A great example of how to create a monster and build an engaging adventure around it. I love how the adventure provides opportunities to play up horror elements (or not) and makes familiar monsters seem more intimidating through well-designed scenes and challenges. And of course, with this you get an intense boss fight with a custom monster (yay legendary actions!) and hoards of nasty crawlies coming in to support their master.