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Please reach out to me via email at kelsey@thearcanelibrary.com, or fill out the contact form here.


Email providers like Gmail sometimes filter my emails into the Promotions tab. Please check there, and let me know if you don't see it.

No worries! You can get a new download link sent to you by clicking here.

Please reach out if you're running into any issues — I'm always happy to help.

There are a few reasons that can happen! First off, you can often fix this issue just by deleting the files that aren't opening and re-downloading them fresh.

The problem could also be that the device you're using can't open .zip files without help. This usually happens on mobile devices like iPhones or tablets.

You can get a free .zip opening app for Apple mobile devices here. Google has created a walkthrough for opening .zip files on Android mobile devices here.

If you're still running into any issues, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Combat Cards

This most often happens because the PDF-editing application you're using isn't happy for some reason. Try installing a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and using it to fill out the PDFs.

There's also a known problem with Preview for Macs that causes text rules in form-fillable PDFs to permanently break. The best solution is to download a fresh copy of the files (contact me if you need help), install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and only open and edit the files with Acrobat Reader DC going forward.

For now, I don't have plans to make Combat Cards for any other game systems. There are more excellent TTRPGs out there than I could ever support, so I'm focusing on doing the best possible work I can within the systems I know well.

I would if I could! As of right now, it's only legal for third party publishers to use 5E game material (including monsters, spells, and magic items) from a subset of rules called the Systems Reference Document (SRD). The SRD contains a selection of content from the three core rulebooks.

To see what material third-party publishers can use, check out a digital version of the SRD here.


Bravo for writing an adventure! I always do my best to help out fellow writers. I'm often swamped with running the Library, so it'd be a lot easier to answer specific questions you might have about what you're working on. That way, we can also keep each other safe from worries about muddled copyright or intellectual property stuff.  

Rather than do that, the best bet is to come up with your own style that defines your writing as unique and awesome. How I present my adventures is a big part of The Arcane Library's brand (it falls under my trade dress copyright), and the concern is that if someone else used my writing presentation, people might confuse it as my work or licensed/developed in partnership with me. That could create legal issues, and I want to avoid that!

Yes, that's absolutely fine to do, whether you run your livestream for profit or not! Please just include an attribution and keep the content of your livestream respectful and considerate to all humans.

I'm not doing any further collaborations at the moment so I can focus on all the work I have under way. 

That said, it never hurts to let me know about a project you have in mind.

I only publish my own work through The Arcane Library for now. If that changes, I'll definitely make a public announcement!

I don't do paid promotions or accept swag in exchange for a promotion/review. When I recommend something, I want folks to know there's nothing in it for me.

I do! I wrote a free 5th-level adventure for the DMs Guild, The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse, that has been downloaded over 130,000 times with 450+ 5-star reviews. Its sequel, 8th-level adventure The Corruption of Skyhorn Lighthouse, is a platinum bestseller and hit #1 most popular adventure on the DMs Guild.

You can grab my free mini horror adventure for 5E, The Night Hunter, in the video description of my YouTube video about writing horror.

I have another free mini adventure, Sanctum of the Moon Elves, that you can download in this YouTube video. It has more of a fantasy space theme, and my wife drew the map for it!

I've also contributed writing and design to a few bestselling Index Card RPG books, including Blood and Snow and ICRPG Magic (now rolled into ICRPG: Master Edition).

Finally, I designed and wrote about half the monsters in The Monstrous Lexicon.

I announce everything I publish to my newsletter (often with sweet discounts included), so that's a good place to keep in the loop.