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Bundle of Horror 1: Four One Shots Levels 1-4 (5E)

“This is how EVERY adventure should be written.” -Bryce Lynch, tenfootpole.org, The Best rating for Masque of the Worms

Four horrific one-shots at a screaming discount by bestselling adventure writer Kelsey Dionne!

The Bundle of Horror 1 contains the following 5E one-shot adventures:

  • 1st-level, Masque of the Worms: a chilling ode to Edgar Allan Poe’s darkest dreams
  • 2nd-level, Valley of the Gilded Tower: a haunting follow-up to Masque of the Worms inspired by Poe’s most ethereal writing
  • 3rd-level, Crypts of Azarumme: a grimdark delve into the cursed crypts beneath a church
  • 4th-level, Watchers in the Dark: a terrifying tale of cosmic horror and mind-bending enemies

Each adventure takes 3-5 hours and comes with combat cards, virtual tabletop maps, and enough fearsome frights to make your jack-o’-lantern cackle.

Want the adventure to continue? Combine the Bundle of Horror 1 + 2 for eight spooky one-shots at a terrifying discount!

Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great set of one shots!

As a new DM, I really appreciated the organizational simplicity in which the guide was written. It conveyed so much information in such a consice manor - I had no issues prepping for our first session. Highly recommend!

Sohrab Kazerooni
The Best

These are some of the best 5e modules out there. Well paced, easy to use and with great ideas, these adventures are a must have for any serious DM.


Evocative and to the point. Much of the D&D stuff I buy ends up on the shelf - fun to read but too much to run. Not so with the awesome stuff from Arcane Library - a solid skeleton to improvise around with plenty of room to adapt and let the material breathe. A+, 10/10 looking forward to the second bundle!!!

So well done!

Not too short, not too long, not too wordy, not too vague. One of the best purchases I’ve made in a while

Rene Beauregard
Enticing and Engaging

This series of 4 adventures are perfect to start off a campaign. They provide an open-ended element that allows for a new group of players to build off in such a way that you could create an entirely original world and simply include it into your canon. I played with 7 players at most and found that each of them enjoyed every step of the story. Once they’d played through the Masque of Worms, they were excited to get into the rest of the adventures. The format is easy to follow and it allows for improvisation. Running these adventures was so simple that I look forward to doing it again for a different group of players. Arcane Library is creating succinct, quality content that any level of dungeon master should consider adding to their repertoire. Thank you for the excellent fun from both myself and my players! I look forward to playing your next works.