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Shadowdark RPG (PDF)

The PDF version of the Shadowdark RPG core rules! Old-school gaming, modernized.

Shadowdark RPG is a critically-acclaimed tabletop fantasy RPG that raised $1.3 million on Kickstarter in March 2023!

Want the physical print + PDF version? Link here.

Customer Reviews

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Fast, supports large groups, incredibly fun!

So I've now run/played over 10 sessions and I can't wait to play even more! I'm running 2 different campaigns and everyone has loved it so far!
One of these groups includes 7 players and the system handles such a large group really well as the game plays fast.
Carousing offers a fun roleplay activity between adventures and I find its great at engaging players that like a balance of social and dungeoneering activities.
Dungeoneering itself is incredibly well made! The gear slots, crawling rounds and torch timer are an elegant way to put pressure on the players.
I love the magic system - as a 5e DM and player I've always felt that casters were too powerful in 5e. Here they are much more balanced.
The system is also fun to design for and a lot of 3rd party products have already surfaced. You will not run out of premade content if you decide to start running Shadowdark.
The black and white art is also right up my alley. The layout and font selection also makes this one of the easiests books I've read when it comes to TTRPGs.

Overall the system is simple, fast, fun and nice to look at!

Luis E.
Fast, easy to play. A New TTRPG era.

The game system and the mechanics are quite easy to learn and handle, several of my friends have stopped playing role-playing games due to lack of time and because the rules to play are sometimes too long, with ShadowDark we can play too much easy. It's a beauty, I bought the digital version, unfortunately I can't afford the shipping cost to my country but it would have been fabulous. I know it's too soon, but could you think of a version translated into Spanish, that would be fantastic for many.

Fast Fun Fatal

I’ve ran this with 2 different groups online and had a blast. I don’t want to play a super hero that always wins and never has a chance of dying.

Rolling 3 characters up took me 10 minutes and it was a ton of fun. Rolling straight down the list was hilarious and then having 2 characters that were really squishy (2HP) made me and the parties I was with really think about every action. Plus, when you ACTUALLY get a stat that’s above a 14 you celebrate lol

It’s simple, elegant and has more teeth than anything I’ve played in the last 10 years.

Let go of your egos and come get some grit!

Can’t wait to find a stable group to play with and play regularly.

Thanks, Kelsey!