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Shadowdark RPG (Print + PDF)

The hardcover version of Shadowdark RPG. You also get a free PDF download immediately.

Old-school gaming, modernized!

Shadowdark RPG is a critically-acclaimed tabletop fantasy RPG that raised $1.3 million on Kickstarter in March 2023.

Just want the PDF version? Link here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Tylyn Anson
Fantastically Fun, High-Intensity Game

Demoed this game with some friends not too long ago, then got the book and ran an adventure using the full set of rules. Absolutely no regrets. Love the way it has both the player and GM thinking on their feet in a way that is logical about the world around them, as opposed to figuring out what specific check or obscure rule needs to be cited. I imagine it would be great for new players as well - provided either they don't mind losing a few characters, or that if you're running you don't put too many highly lethal consequences in front of them.

Big Fish
One Book to Rule Them All

This is the rpg system I’ve been waiting for! The rules are concise, the tables are fantastic, the artwork is stellar. Oh, and the book comes with a bookmark!! Seriously, this is the only book you need to run a fun night of gaming.

One of the best

The Shadowdark Book is well written and a pleasure to read. Despite somewhat hidden, easy to oversee or somewhat unclear details (NO con modifier for rolling hp on lvl up, fighters grit attribute seems to be chosen at character generation, background advantages or advantage) the game is (for me at least) even better than OSE. Easy to learn and teach, fast to play...best purchase in a while.
Also recommend the Cursed Scroll zines, they are great supplements to the core rulebook.

Dane C
Great oldschool fun!

I really love the oldschool feeling playing Shadowdark, and while I wasn't sold on the real time aspects of the game, trying them out has been super fun. Gorgeous internal art.

FYI The book is hardcover book sized as opposed to oversized RPG book sized.

Scott Barnes

This is a beautiful book, an absolute masterpiece of game design. (And I've played many TTRPGs.)