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Beneath The Black Rose, 6th-Level One Shot (5E)

The Black Rose Inn has a spectral resident prowling its halls and a cultish secret under its floorboards. Can the characters delve beneath the Black Rose and bring closure to a decades-old tragedy?

Beneath The Black Rose is a haunting horror adventure for 6th-level characters. It's a one-shot that takes about 3-5 hours to complete and includes:

  • A ghostly mystery and a murderous cult

  • Two new monsters to bedevil your players

  • Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure

  • High-quality digital maps for use with virtual table tops

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Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

Video walkthrough of the adventure below.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Aad S
Highly recommended

Ran this as a first-time DM. It was easy to run, engaging, with plenty of room for creative thinking without feeling too much on rails. We all had a great time!

Ideal for what i needed

Well constructed, well paced, combat that is balanced and just challenging enough. Nicely done, folks.

A fun one-shot that works great on its own, or dropped into any current campaign!

This was the fourth Arcane Library one-shot I have run for my group, and we all had an absolute blast! The thing I love about all of Kelsey's adventures is just how easy they are for a DM to prep and run. The way each encounter is laid out and presented makes my life as DM easy!

Great one-shot, very easy to run!

Straightforward and easy to run! I did make a map for the upstairs floor of the tavern, where the adventure starts, but the other maps were great, and all the details made the story easy to manage.

A very fun one-shot with some small issues

I've run this for two new and tew veteran players. Overall they had a lot of fun and took around 3 hours though I rushed the ending a bit.

I did have a few issues

1. The party of coarse wanted the barkeep to join them after they knocked them out and provided him with healing potions. There is no real good reason for him not go with them nor I feel there is a reason for the door to be unchecked in the first place. I Allowed him to join but let Eliza take control again. I think this should be addressed in the document as is the case with the vampire hunters.

2. The ghost standing doing nothing is odd since if the party decides to attack her she as so little HP she will die before having any chance to act. In hindsight I think she should be half in the ethereal plane so can only be damaged after she is angered or something.