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Bundle of Horror 2: Four One Shots Levels 5-8 (5E)

Four terrifying one-shots at a frightening discount by bestselling adventure writer Kelsey Dionne!

The Bundle of Horror 2 contains the following 5E one-shot adventures:

  • 5th-level, The Snow Stalkers: a dark and grisly mystery on a frozen mountain pass
  • 6th-level, Beneath The Black Rose: a spooky tale of vile rituals and ghostly vengeance
  • 7th-level, The Curse of Wardenwood: a deep woods rescue mission with a bewitching twist
  • 8th-level, The Horror Within: a story of cosmic terror and madness in a blighted theater 

Each adventure takes 3-6 hours and comes with combat cards, virtual tabletop maps, and unforgettable thrills and terrors!

Want even more adventure? Combine the Bundle of Horror 1 + 2 for eight thrilling one-shots at a terrifying discount!

Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

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