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Shadowdark RPG Quickstart Set (Print + PDF)

This is the physical print version of the Shadowdark RPG Quickstart Set. You also get a free PDF download emailed to you immediately.

Experience the world's greatest roleplaying game in a whole new light. Lift your torch, draw your blade, and enter the Shadowdark! 

The Shadowdark RPG Quickstart Set is the perfect way to introduce you to the game. The two 68-page, digest-sized booklets give you all you need to play and run thrilling Shadowdark RPG adventures for 1st-3rd level characters.

The set includes eight 1st-level characters on heavy card stock with gorgeous, full art on one side and game statistics on the other. 

Inside the Player and Game Master Quickstart Guides, you'll also find:

  • Lost Citadel of the Scarlet Minotaur, a 1st-3rd-level dungeon crawl where characters can delve for legendary loot... but where pushing their luck might result in an encounter with the infamous scarlet minotaur!
  • A classic, hand-drawn adventure map + player-safe JPEG for virtual table tops
  • 36 spells, 19 magic items, and 52 monsters
  • The four core classes: priest, fighter, thief, and wizard
  • Full character creation rules for making custom crawlers
  • A form-fillable character sheet PDF

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Restock coming in January 2024.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Raven Shadows
Amazing new QuickStart RPG

Shadowdark QuickStart, has everything you need to play, and unlike other QuickStart guides give you the information to rollup a new character. What I like about this system, it's low fantasy and is geared towards the exploring dungeons, when your last torch burns out, the dark is not your friend, it's full of terrors. Rolling up a new character only takes minutes, so that you can get on with the fun of your next adventure. The PDF is free for this QuickStart, I went ahead and bought the physical bundle, I love all the extras that came with it too. The quality of this product was not skimped on the pre-generated characters are on postcard quality card stock. I do not regret buying the physical bundle. I love supporting independent creators when I can.

Makes a great mini-session

The pros for me are simplicity, style, and speed. I got my group to run this game whenever people don't show up and we don't wanna go without the others. We play for short amounts of time and its really fun just rolling up characters who will likely die soon enough. Normally my group is very story-centered, where we're always the same level and we're usually not in extreme danger. Character creation is extremely quick (about 5 minutes), and we treat halfway as a serious in-depth rpg, and half as a casual board/card game we play while hanging out.

Aaron Davis
Definitely liking what I have read so far!

To be fair I haven't actually played or ran a game of this yet, but I am liking what I'm seeing so far. With all the other OSR type games out there what draws me to this one? Well it's a bit like 5E and that may be a turn off to many people (It is to me), but not every new style game is entirely bad. I will update when I actually get to play or run Shadowdark RPG and let you know how it flows when we do actually sit at a table.