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Cursed Scroll Zine, Vol. 1: Diablerie! Print + PDF (Shadowdark RPG)

This is for the physical print version of Cursed Scroll 1. You also get a free PDF download immediately.

Cursed knights channeling demonic power, mist-addled forests where witches and warlocks stalk the trees, and crumbling castles housing ancient, eldritch creatures!

The first-ever issue of Cursed Scroll Zine is here to add diabolical new ideas to your TTRPG game world! Inside its 68 pages, you'll find: 

The Hideous Halls of Mugdulblub, a 1st-level dungeon crawl heavy on exploration, factions, and sorcerous wonder

  • The Gloaming, a gloomwrought hex crawl in a misty, demon-haunted forest and swamp
  • Three new classes for Shadowdark RPG: witch, warlock, and knight of St. Ydris
  • 36 new spells, 6 eldritch warlock patrons, 20 character backgrounds
  • 14 new monsters, including the legendary Willowman
  • Classic, hand-drawn maps and player-safe JPEGs for virtual table tops

Cursed Scroll uses Shadowdark RPG rules, but it's easily compatible with any old-school fantasy roleplaying system.

Just want the PDF version? Link here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Richard Ashton
Cursed and I love it…

In the nicest possible way, all that Kelsey touches turns to Shadow. Or Darkness. But mainly Shadow.

These zines are a fantastic expansion of the game. Tightly written. No spoon-feeding. A fertile springboard for creative ideas.

As in the core game, the layout is clear and spacious, and the art is darkly evocative. And for the haptically-predisposed, the cover feels silky-smooth as a goblin’s bottom. I should know…

Just what I needed to jump start a campaign with ShadowDark

I finally convinced my group to switch to ShadowDark. The concise style of all of the ShadowDark resources is just beyond excellent. I bought all of the material from the Kickstarter campaign, including this fine zine. I use it as a starting point for a campaign, which eventually leads the players to the areas described in Midnight Sun (Curse Scroll #3). What I really love about these zines is that the hex keys trigger my imagination a lot, coming up with all kinds of connections between the places, creatures, and people presented. The descriptions are very concise, but still leave so much creative room for my own storylines. With just this zine, my mind is loaded with a vast amount of information, on which I can elaborate.

Gary B
Great expansion to Shadowdark

New classes, new spells, new monsters and a great setting all done in the clear and punchy style of the original rule book.
A real must if you want to expand the possibilities in the game for both players and GM.

Dave O
Awesome zine!

Shipped super fast. Comes in a nice sleeve. Quality is top notch, art is great, so many great ideas in this book!

Mark Ripley
Amazing setting!

The Gloaming is such an inspiring setting with so many plot hooks and interesting NPCs. There is a lot of value packed into this little book.