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Ghostlight, 1st-Level Adventure (5E)

A mysterious ship emerges from the dark ocean mist, its lantern-lit deck silent and empty. When invisible hands cast lines and ropes over to the characters, will they accept the invitation to board and enter the secret afterlife of departed sailors? 

Ghostlight is a nautical sword-and-sorcery adventure for 1st-level characters. It takes about 4-6 hours to complete and includes:

  • A haunting foray into the afterlife for good and evil sailors

  • A mad witch, a dashing rat pirate, and a tavern full of departed souls

  • Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure

  • High-quality digital maps for use with virtual table tops

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Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

Video walkthrough of the adventure below.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
So fun and easy to run

I ran this twice, once with a group of new players and again with my usual group of seasoned players. So fun both times! It was also one of my first times running the game and I found it easy to run


Awesome for beginners! Players had a blast. They did not solve the Mad Tilley puzzle bot got very tripped up in combat with the sewer monster (leaving actual monster out for sake of spoilers). Last combat was easy-ish.

Wonderful one shot!

I'm a newer DM, having only run maybe 5-10 games, and this one was amazing! The style of writing is great--it's open ended. This means you can either improvise any extra details on the fly or think them through and flesh out your prep beforehand, depending on what style of DM you are. I ran it for a group of four players, and this was the first time ever playing any TTRPG for two of them. They all loved it! They sounded delightfully horrified when they realized they helped Mad Tilley escape the afterlife. The only thing that concerned me was the puzzle that was left purposefully without an answer (the four ingredients). I thought my players wouldn't be able to solve it, but they quickly proved me wrong and thought of really creative ways to get each ingredient. I am completely satisfied with my purchase and I will absolutely be buying more from the Arcane Library!

Folded Rose
Great Adventure!

This is an awesome 1st level adventure for first time DMs and newer players. Not only does it give the DM a lot of information, but it scales back a little in certain areas to allow imagination of the DM to thrive. Ghostlight was my first actual session as a DM (other than a quick "show my fiance (now wife) and brother-in-law how to play") and it went great. 10/10 I will definitely be looking at more of Arcane Library's adventures!

Very charismatic

I loved this one shot. This is my second time DMing and I really liked the agnostic setting. We're about to finish it and we spent like 8 hours to get to the end, but my group is new and veeeery chatty. The NPC's are interesting and the way Kelsey lays everything leaves a lot to fill with your imagination. For example, my players spent a session to find the ingredients for Mad Tilley's spell and I homebrewed every single part of it: a ghost gifted them with his eye as he doesn't need it anymore, they challenged the tavern bard to a musical contest for him to play his last song for them, I made the "ship" talk to them as a God of death for the divine breath... it's amazing the amount of freedom you have with this module. Also, the final boss? I wrote a ton of Monkey Island insults and he shouts them to the players and it was mad fun. Fun story, tons of free agency, beautiful maps... what's not to like?