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Legends of the Library, Vol. 1: Four Adventures (5E)

Four sword and sorcery adventures set in a majestic jungle, demon-haunted monastery, ghostly ship, and distant moon!

Legends of the Library, Vol. 1 contains the following full-length 5E adventures at a discounted price:

  • 1st-level, Ghostlight: Board a mysterious ship that appears from the mist and brave the afterlife of dead sailors.
  • 6th-level, Fangs of Oatali: Recover the stolen Fangs of Oatali to appease a furious god before he causes a cataclysm.
  • 8th-level, Monastery of the Shadow Sorcerers: Infiltrate an otherworldly monastery and steal the mighty black lotus from its demonic guardians.
  • 15th-level, Gate of the Lens Wizards: Explore the caverns beneath a distant moon and confront intelligent spiders and glass-skulled astronomer wizards.

Each adventure takes roughly 5-8 hours to complete and comes with printable combat cards and gorgeous virtual tabletop maps.

Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.