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Cursed Scroll Zine, Vol. 3: Midnight Sun, Print + PDF (Shadowdark RPG)

This is for the physical print version of Cursed Scroll 3. You also get a free PDF download immediately.

Fierce sea wolves sail their dragon-prowed longboats over the dark waves, and the midnight sun rises above the frozen northern isles! 

The third issue of Cursed Scroll Zine adds the stark isles of the north to your TTRPG game world! Inside its 68 pages, you'll find: 

  • Hoard of the Sea Wolf King, a 0-level gauntlet adventure that t  akes fledgling crawlers in search of a lost treasure trove of a long-dead king!
  • The Isles of Andrik, mountainous islands ruled by drakes, warrior clans, and the enigmatic Old Gods.
  • Two new classes for Shadowdark RPG: seer and sea wolf
  • Rules for new spells, boats, swearing oaths, arctic sea encounters, and a raid into the unsuspecting Wortwick Monastery!
  • 12 new monsters, including the mythical Valkyrie, an angelic warrior who leads fallen heroes to the afterlife! 
  • Classic, hand-drawn maps and player-safe JPEGs for virtual table tops

Cursed Scroll uses Shadowdark RPG rules, but it's easily compatible with any old-school fantasy roleplaying system.

Just want the PDF version? Link here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Philip Chrostoski
The best supplements

Shadowdark and everything with it are some of the most inspirational materials. I love every Cursed Scroll and get so inspired to build out my world and figure out ways to drop the content into my homebrew setting. Buy these now!

Dave O
another excellent zine!

Shipped super fast. Comes in a nice sleeve. Quality is top notch, art is great, so many great ideas in this book!

Eduardo Moreira
Great OSR

The cursed scroll zines improve a lot the game

Timothy Schmidt
Cursed Scroll 3

I think it's great! A scene of the Viking life can get your imagination going. The main islands look almost like they cloak the Northern Reaches module in the known world of Mystara. This can be used to expand the setting even further if you put the CS3 further to the north or northeast. Anything can happen here. I purchased an unusual set of adventures that was designed to go with Shadowdark game system to add to the flavor, this was Taylor Seely-Wrights' Shadowdark Initiation Bundle to throw into this mapped area of CS3. GREAT JOB KELSEY!