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The Curse of Wardenwood, 7th-Level One Shot (5E)

Things are not always what they seem in the cursed forest near Wardenwood village. Can the characters hold back the primal forces of evil and keep innocents from losing all they hold dear? 

The Curse of Wardenwood is a deep woods horror adventure for 7th-level characters. It's a one-shot that takes about 3-5 hours to complete and includes:

  • A sadistic witch, a prowling werewolf, and a surprise twist

  • Four new monsters that stalk the haunted woods

  • Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure

  • High-quality digital maps for use with virtual table tops

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Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

Video walkthrough of the adventure below.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great adventure!

Ran this as part of an existing campaign because I ran out of prep time. I ran the hag and getting the kids back to town (brewery was closing). My favorite part was watching all of the PCs have to deal with the kids on the way back. Quote of the night came when a bard cast a heavy duty sleep on the sprogs (66 hp of sleep) and only 2 fell to the spell, “no normal child has 33 hp!”


Great one-shot and easy to integrate into my existing campaign.I bought this one-shot as I ran out of time prepping for a session, bought this afternoon before the game and watched the short YouTube video, very easy to get a grasp on the concept.

I really liked the break-down of what creatures do in combat and how they prioritize targets and the small section to describe the NPCs, both are ideas that I plan on incorporating in my own prep.
The NPCs were likeable and the NPC generator table was fantastic! One of my players started making plans on create a character inspired by Terry Zigs and Icky!

Great Adventure & easy and to insert in campaign

This was my first purchase from arcane library and all I can say is wow. My players had a blast as I inserted this in our current campaign. What an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. Everything is so helpful to a DM without unnecessary clutter. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Kym Williams
My Party LOVED this

This one-shot was so much fun!! My party actually really didn't like the people in the village and sided with the werewolf HAHA. They felt such sympathy for her that they actually went back to her den with her to rest and get to know her and when they found out her cubs had been killed by a green dragon they offered to go help her kill the dragon. So we had an impromptu dragon fight after we finished the actual one-shot hahahaha. Man I LOVE D&D!!
Thank you Kelsey for the amazing stories you write for us.

Rural horror that starts strong

This adventure starts with a boss fight and just ramps up from there. One of my very favourites!