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Valley of the Gilded Tower, 2nd-Level One Shot (5E)

Another thrilling tale of madness and mystery inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s writing! Following the events of Masque of the Worms, the story continues into the hauntingly beautiful forests of the Painted Valley…

The baron’s wife is dead. But she isn’t gone. Can the players lay her to rest and defeat the festering evil hidden away inside the Gilded Tower? 

Valley of the Gilded Tower is a one-shot for four to six 2nd-level characters. It takes about 2-3 hours to complete and includes:

  • Events inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's most ethereal writing

  • A new monster that can take over the minds of its victims

  • Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure

  • Gorgeous, hand-drawn maps by Jake from Beware the Wizard

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“The adventure is well paced, has maps that you can print out, a great story and good ending. I highly recommend this adventure as a nice stand alone, plug & play adventure, or a follow up to ‘Masque of the Worms'. GMs, you don’t need a lot of prep at all.” -B.J., drivethrurpg.com ★★★★★

Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

Video walkthrough of the adventure below.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Melissa Hosking
Very fun and easy for first-timers

This was my first time DMing and I found it very easy and fun to DM with this campaign! Highly recommend. I also think it could be fun to alter part of it slightly. In the ivory tower/mausoleum, it would be fun to have a puzzle to get from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor. There's a lottt of combat with the same monsters so it would be fun to replace the monsters on the 2nd floor with a puzzle, in my opinion.

A daring escape!

This adventure was another delight to run for my party and we all found the concept of the eaten dreams to be very compelling. One of my players forgot a key piece of their backstory that ended up being a benefit to them, and another nearly had the memory of their daughter (whom he adopted during Masque of the Worms - poor Jenny!) removed. The crumbling tower sealed the deal and gave us all an adrenaline rush.

Another fantastic setting and yet again written in a way that makes it so nice to run directly from the sheet.