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Backordered: Shadowdark RPG (Print + PDF)

This product is currently on backorder. Reserve your copy! Orders are expected to ship in the late summer. You will still get an email with your PDF immediately. If you have other physical items in your order, they will all ship together.

This is the hardcover version of Shadowdark RPG, plus a free PDF download.

Old-school gaming, modernized!

Shadowdark RPG is a critically-acclaimed tabletop fantasy RPG that raised $1.3 million on Kickstarter in March 2023.

Just want the PDF version? Link here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Patrick Joannisse
Great game, arrived in pristine condition

Took a little while to arrive in Canada but it made it in perfect condition.

Jesse Shultz
What a great game this turned out to be! Oh and nice book too!

The Shadowdark system has been an excellent game for play that blends OSR sensibilities with more modern rules and design. It is simple, clean, and easy to understand, but still has enough depth to facilitate a fun long term experience. It is easy to add or subtract mechanics, classes, spells, and monsters without throwing the flow of the game off.

The book itself is a nice quality hardback, digest sized, with large, easy to read text, entertaining artwork, and even a ribbon bookmark included. It feels very much worth the price of entry.

Christopher Nyhan
My new little black book

Great book, has a nice clean look. Fast shipping!

Colonel Forbin
Great game and resource

Really so happy with this wonderful little tome. The compact size makes it even better, but that's the least I could say, because what's contained inside is a masterwork.

Cpt Johnny Walker
My players love it!

Been playing with the PDF for a while, but I just had to get a physical copy. My favorite system to run right now, my players happily play longer than our scheduled time each week