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Monster Bundle: 357 Pre-Filled Monster Cards (5E)

Do you need printable, pre-filled combat cards for every 5E Systems Reference Document monster? Leave the scribing to The Arcane Library — you have a game to run!  

In this pack, you'll find:

  • 357 filled-out, printable monster cards

  • All monsters' associated spellcaster and legendary cards

  • Print-friendly, black-and-white versions of all cards

These combat cards are 2.5'' x 3.5'' cut out.

Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

Check out a video on how to use combat cards here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Perfect and So Useful

Really love these - saved my butt last game when I forgot to set up a few creatures - could simply do it on the fly. Very much worth the price.

Joseph De
Encounters Made Simple

These stat cards are super creative and simple to use. They definitely help with running encounters by making it easier to keep track of everything. Throw them in some card sleeves and use a simple dry erase maker on the front to make any simple notes. Maybe they don't work for everyone, but they make my sessions easier for sure. Would recommend watching the demo video on Youtube for these stat cards as well.

The only thing keeping me from a 5/5 review is the provided self fillable stat cards. Perhaps its my OCD, or maybe my technical skills are inadequate, but when you are creating your own fillable ones, they do not match the premade ones 1/1 if you are trying to create duplicates of a stat card. The font size, bold/italics, or alignment on a fillable one do not line up when compared to a premade one.

Pamela S

Just wondering if these had all the monster from Hoard of the Dragon Queen. We are about to start a campaign and have had a horrible time finding pre-printed cards for all of the monsters. I could make them myself, but don't have the time.

Hi Pamela! Thank you for asking. I'm sorry to say that Wizards of the Coast doesn't permit third party publishers to print the statistics of the monsters from Hoard of the Dragon Queen or any of their adventure campaigns. If that ever changes, I'll certainly add those cards to this set!

Rya Jones
Forever Changed the Way I Run Combat

I love these things. Monster cards in themselves are great. But the brilliance of these are that you can throw them in a Dragon Shield or other trading card sleeve. I had no idea how much of a game changer that would be. If you haven't already, go watch Kelsey's YouTube video where she demos how to use these. She has everyone roll initiative, then lines up the cards in initiative order and stacks them. Then for combat, you just go through the stack. Best system ever for making sure you don't miss someone. I added my own twist in that I use a dry erase marker to write on the sleeve what initiative they rolled. I can also track anything else that might be relevant, like conditions or hit points. Then when combat is over, I wipe them clean like a dry erase board.

Combat cards have also helped me a ton with game prep. I'm naturally disorganized, and I always felt like there was more I should have been doing to get ready my encounters before each session. Now I make sure I have the relevant combat cards pulled, flip through them again before the session, and I feel so much more prepared.

Evgeniy Bakulin
Great product

Very handy cards. Best design that i found so far. Thank you!