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Game Master Screen, Print + PDF (Shadowdark)

This is for the physical print version of the Game Master screen. You also get a free PDF download immediately.

Four panels of wicked art on the back and generation tables on the inside to help you improvise and keep the game moving. 

The tables inside the GM screen are not merely duplicates of the quick-reference material already printed on the inside covers of the Shadowdark RPG book. The screen expands those tables with random encounter details, names, NPC qualities, and a treasure generator!

The screen folds down into a digest size (the same size as the Shadowdark book). It's portable enough to throw into your gaming bag, but big enough to hide all your diabolical Game Master secrets. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Its too small to be impressive

Maybe it doesn't need to be as big as my large DnD GM screen, but my first impression is underwhelming. Also, im wonder why you’ve chosen to include the

Michael Greth
Excellent DM screen

I love this screen for ShadowDark. Simplistic design and quick go to random tables. I do wish it would of included the general DC table, but that is a minor gripe. I also like the small design so it shields the DM's dice rolls but it is not a tall screen. This is good because I don't have to constantly get up to look over a screen to see what the battle map looks like.

Jorge Ortiz Abblitt
Pretty but flawed

The external face is beautiful, aesthetically speaking. But I wish it had more relevant information, like the difficulty of rolls and so on. Also, the inside finish wasn't the best, at least for mine. It has many ugly wrinkles where the paper was forced to fold.

Danny Fields
Amazing as always!

Great quality and amazing detail

Sascha S.
Great value

Having bought both the physical copy and PDF, the Games Masters Screen is a great addition to the Shadowdark rulebook to reference to key elements of the game.

The print quality is very good and with the continuous size of all Shadowdark products a nice addition to any RPG bookshelf IMO.

The artwork is - like all the Shadowdark products fantastic.