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Five Mini-Adventure Cards, Print + PDF (Shadowdark)

This is for the physical print version of the mini adventures. You also get a free PDF download immediately.

These handy, two-page adventures (front and back) are printed on heavyweight cardstock. They give you all you need to run: 

  • An antediluvian monolith full of ancient, writhing horrors and sinister beings (received The Best rating from Bryce Lynch, tenfootpole.org), 3rd level
  • An opulent prison-palace sinking into the sea where a deadly poison grows, 4th level
  • A temple where cultists of the Elephant God jealously guard a legendary jewel, 6th level
  • A twisted cavern full of pirate treasure and pale, bloodsucking stingbats, 4th level
  • A leprechaun's redoubt where fey trickery hides a fabled pot of gold, 3rd level

Each adventure includes a digital jpeg of the map sized for easy VTT use!

Just want the PDF version? Link here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Morrison
Great Adventures

I bought the adventure pack to run for my son's (age 11) group. These mini-adventures have great story hooks and really evocative details but are so simple i can literally read them an hour before, jot down my own notes and away we go.!

Steve Durr
Nice change from 5th Edition

Been meaning to branch out from the traditional D&D and very excited to dive into the world of Shadowdark!