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Fires of Iskh, 20th-Level Adventure (5E)

When a volcano appears out of thin air, the ensuing eruption is a cataclysm unseen in this age. To stop it, a group of legendary heroes must defeat an evil so ancient and powerful that the fabric of reality trembles at her wrath...

Fires of Iskh is a full-length adventure for 20th-level characters. It takes about 6-8 hours to complete and includes:

  • Six fiery and furious new monsters

  • An epic battle in a volcano with an ancient red dragon

  • Combat cards for each monster, PC, and treasure

  • High-quality digital maps for use with virtual table tops

"This is one of the most well-written and fun adventures I have ever come across.” -S.R., drivethrurpg.com ★★★★★

Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

Video walkthrough of the adventure below.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Courtney W.
Can't Recommend Enough

I absolutely love how Arcane Library adventures are written so easy to follow and understand, lead you through without hand holding too much and leaving room for improvising. As a newer DM I feel so much more comfortable knowing that the story part is taken care of and the combat has been made easier. So I can focus on actually running things. I have purchased all of the Arcane Library adventures at this point (or most at least) and they are always fun and unique and receive rave reviews from my table. If you're on the fence, take the plunge and purchase. They are well worth the cost!

Nick Louie
A Level 20 5e One-Shot Gem

Our group just ran this and had a blast! I thought the dungeon’s design naturally drove suspense and offered a nice amount of mystery for the players to piece together for a one-shot. For anyone thinking of doing a 20th level adventure, I’d highly recommend this one!

An Excellent, Fun, and Intriguing Way To Torment an Experienced Group

I have run this adventure for two parties of level 20 adventurers. Both entered the lair of an elder red dragon with high hopes of heroism, treasure, and accolades to follow. Once inside, their outlook quickly turned sour when they realized that the greatest of all beasts does not nest alone. The defenses of the fortress were daunting, the intrigue once inside was nail biting, and our party quickly dwindled. With the help of some NPCs and a few second stringers, they made it to the lair of the beast, only to discover that it is no small feat to defeat a dragon, let alone stand in its presence without crapping their pantaloons. They learned the most important lesson an adventurer can know, a dragon has no pretense of compassion, no false mask of civilization-just hunger, heat, and need.

This adventure was very well written and is organized in a way that makes it easy to run as dungeon master. Each encounter is laid out on a single page and presented in logical order. The items and monsters are collected as cards, which make tracking initiative and stats a breeze. The handouts are great, divided into player and GM specific printable pages for quick reference.

A five-star adventure, all around. I would highly recommend this for your group if you're looking for high-level adventure. Big risk, big reward, and big fun!