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Cursed Scroll Zine, Vol. 1: Diablerie! PDF (Shadowdark RPG)

Cursed knights channeling demonic power, mist-addled forests where witches and warlocks stalk the trees, and crumbling castles housing ancient, eldritch creatures!

The first-ever issue of Cursed Scroll Zine is here to add diabolical new ideas to your TTRPG game world! Inside its 68 pages, you'll find: 

  • The Hideous Halls of Mugdulblub, a 1st-level dungeon crawl heavy on exploration, factions, and sorcerous wonder
  • The Gloaming, a gloomwrought hex crawl in a misty, demon-haunted forest and swamp
  • Three new classes for Shadowdark RPG: witch, warlock, and knight of St. Ydris
  • 36 new spells, 6 eldritch warlock patrons, 20 character backgrounds
  • 14 new monsters, including the legendary Willowman
  • Classic, hand-drawn maps and player-safe JPEGs for virtual table tops

Cursed Scroll uses Shadowdark RPG rules, but it's easily compatible with any old-school fantasy roleplaying system.

Want the physical print + PDF version? Link here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Kelsey & ShadowDark have revived my interest in running fantasy games. This one in particular. And the Cursed Scroll zines add so much to the game. I’ve used material from the first issue 3 times since I bought it, less than a month ago.

Highly recommended.

Dominick Van Nus
Now THAT'S Quality!

The quality of content that comes from the Arcane Library is just amazing. With an afternoon of reading I now have a whole hex crawl to run my friends through. I did make it so the space between hexes was longer to let the game last longer and to have more room for my own adventures added into it, but it otherwise came with everything I needed. I cant wait for more Zines to drop.

Jason Roy
Good stuff

Nice work on the adventure. The extra classes and spells are always welcome. Love the ever-expanding universe of ShadowDark. Keep it up, Kelsey!

Mudglubbub is watching

So curious what Kelsey was reading when she made this. Delightfully dreadful, a lot of room for camp or fear.

Cursed Scroll Anthology Hardback Book when???

Makes me want all the Cursed Scrolls released in an anthology hard back. Incredibly useful plug and play or to scalp for homebrewing. 10/10