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Cursed Scroll Zine, Vol. 1: Diablerie! PDF (Shadowdark RPG)

Cursed knights channeling demonic power, mist-addled forests where witches and warlocks stalk the trees, and crumbling castles housing ancient, eldritch creatures!

The first-ever issue of Cursed Scroll Zine is here to add diabolical new ideas to your TTRPG game world! Inside its 68 pages, you'll find: 

  • The Hideous Halls of Mugdulblub, a 1st-level dungeon crawl heavy on exploration, factions, and sorcerous wonder
  • The Gloaming, a gloomwrought hex crawl in a misty, demon-haunted forest and swamp
  • Three new classes for Shadowdark RPG: witch, warlock, and knight of St. Ydris
  • 36 new spells, 6 eldritch warlock patrons, 20 character backgrounds
  • 14 new monsters, including the legendary Willowman
  • Classic, hand-drawn maps and player-safe JPEGs for virtual table tops

Cursed Scroll uses Shadowdark RPG rules, but it's easily compatible with any old-school fantasy roleplaying system.

Want the physical print + PDF version? Link here.

Customer Reviews

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DM Wisdom

I am so happy to have found the Witch Class fully fleshed out for use with ShadowDark, which is quickly becoming my favorite RPG rules set!!!

The witch spells are flavorful and offer some great rule bending goodness, one of my favorite damaging spells is Moonbeam, simple and wonderful! Of course, there is a Witch Talent Table and Diabolical Mishaps by Tier for those dreaded nat 1's when casting spells.

For the rest of the zine, it was nice to have a Warlock class spelled out complete with Patrons! Then the awesome class, Knight of St. Ydris, where you can cast up to Tier 3 witch spells and wield a sword, friggin' awesome! Plus that class is tied with the mini hex crawl included. Let alone a kick ass primordial and gooey adventure, The Hideous Halls of Mugdulblub!

What's not to love here?

The extra treat was the back cover that has a wonderful Diabolical Treasure table! I feel like a kid in a candy store!!!

This is 68 pages of ShadowDark goodness! Get it!!!