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Bundle of Horror 2: Four One Shots Levels 5-8 (5E)

Four terrifying one-shots at a frightening discount by bestselling adventure writer Kelsey Dionne!

The Bundle of Horror 2 contains the following 5E one-shot adventures:

  • 5th-level, The Snow Stalkers: a dark and grisly mystery on a frozen mountain pass
  • 6th-level, Beneath The Black Rose: a spooky tale of vile rituals and ghostly vengeance
  • 7th-level, The Curse of Wardenwood: a deep woods rescue mission with a bewitching twist
  • 8th-level, The Horror Within: a story of cosmic terror and madness in a blighted theater 

Each adventure takes 3-6 hours and comes with combat cards, virtual tabletop maps, and unforgettable thrills and terrors!

Want even more adventure? Combine the Bundle of Horror 1 + 2 for eight thrilling one-shots at a terrifying discount!

Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Imane El Alaoui
Lovely Session for First Time DM

I purchased the bundle because everyone on a DM forum was recommending Arcane Library one shots for first time DMs and it did not disappoint. I decided to go with The Horror Within for a first one and both myself and the party truly enjoyed it. The party was a mix of more experienced and novice players and everyone alike had a wonderful experience. It took a bit longer than specified, but no one’s complaining here. The material is very easy to follow, especially since I had no prior experience DMing. It gives you everything you need while still leaving room for your own takes and for your party to make their own decisions. My party especially enjoyed the sanity point system in The Horror Within and we really can’t wait to give the other one shots in the bundle a try.

Good adventures, really built around being a one shot.

it was really not demanding dming those one shots, I had almost zero preparation to do and everybody enjoyed it. for a group that has difficulty syncing up, its perfect.

Jim Mills - The Arcanist's Refuge
Always prepared to spook the table

I and my close friends have run several adventures from the Arcane Library and have used many of their products, they are always top tier and worth every penny. This bundle is no different. The amount of value that is packed into $10 is astounding. If you are running a Halloween one-shot or want a side quest for Curse of Strahd or Rime of the Frostmaiden, do yourself a favor and pick this up. I will be running two of these adventures for Halloween and you should as well.

Kurtis - TheWildDM
ALWAYS worth the investment

I've been running Kelsey's one shots for years now starting with the Masque of Worms from the first Horror pack. She puts so much time and effort into making it effortless to run here adventures at the table. I've had several people request for me to run the E.A. Poe themed adventures and have run them 3 or 4 times, even with some of the same people in the party. These adventures carry a good story plot, without the need of going too long, a perfect amount of information to keep the players interested in the characters. ANOTHER GREAT BUNDLE!! Thank you for all you do at The Arcane Library!