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Shadowdark RPG (Print + PDF)

The hardcover version of Shadowdark RPG. You also get a free PDF download immediately.

Old-school gaming, modernized!

Shadowdark RPG is a critically-acclaimed tabletop fantasy RPG that raised $1.3 million on Kickstarter in March 2023.

Just want the PDF version? Link here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Scott Smith
Amazing Book

Already had a pdf version so I knew what I was getting but it is such a great book I needed a physical copy. Great system too. We've played a few sessions and it's been a blast. Get's me back in the feeling of game nights when I was younger of just racing in to explore a dungeon for no other reason than the desire to see what's down there.

Christian Gebhard
Great Book!

Loved every page of it! Very well put together and and lays impressively flat for a book of its size. I'm very excited to give the game a run at my table!

Glenn Wilson
Another candidate

Looking for a alternative to D&D 5e that is less combat oriented/heavy. This was not itbut it was interesting.

A great All-In-One package!

This is a great game and a beautiful book! I am happy that I finally bit the bullet and bought it, even though with international shipping and toll it cost me 80 bucks, which is a lot (had it delivered overseas). However, I do not regret it one bit. It is such a streamlined and elegant system and I love the unique mechanic of the random character improvement. I already started to tinker with it and made some fan content, which I only do, if I care for a game. So thanks Kelsey for this little gem. This book is a complete all in one package. Happy Gaming!

Excellent content, well organized and easy to read.

I got the hardback book and it's great! The smaller form factor doesn't mean the text is super tiny: it's still a very easy to read font and size. The way the book is laid out is also great: large bolded text for the start of sections and important keywords makes it easy to understand what's important. Coming with the PDF version is also really nice since there's a lot of tables I'll want for my GM notes on the same page and I can reorganize that for when flipping through the book is not ideal (online play)

Shadowdark content: I haven't had a chance to play let but I'm really excited to run a game in Shadowdark. I love how simple everything is: I feel confident I can teach both experienced TTRPG players and total newbies in just a few minutes.

As someone who normally runs 5e this feels like a big change and will be refreshing. I plan to run it in between other campaigns to see if my players enjoy it and it'll be great for any players who value mechanics and dungeon delving more than character-based roleplay.

The art is amazing! Stark black & white line art is both simple and evocative. Really helps set the mood for how dark and dangerous the worlds of Shadowdark is.