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Game Master Screen, Print + PDF (Shadowdark)

This is for the physical print version of the Game Master screen. You also get a free PDF download immediately.

Four panels of wicked art on the back and generation tables on the inside to help you improvise and keep the game moving. 

The screen folds down into a digest size. It's portable enough to throw into your gaming bag, but big enough to hide all your diabolical Game Master secrets. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amanda Hampton
Wonderful! .

As advertised. It was smaller than I expected but it’s still awesome!

Most metal GM screen ever

Great art, top6notch quality. Would have loved to have the gear tables or maybe the light mishap table on there but that's what sellotape is for I guess. :-D

Meant to give 5 stars … !! Sorry !!

5 stars. Not 1….

Shea Slater
Love it!

Great art, helpful info and it's slightly smaller than the others I have (which is a good thing). Everything I've picked up from Arcane Library has been amazing and this is no exception.

Nicholas F.
Gorgeous screen!

Really love the art on this, as well as the tables/references on the inside.
My favorite part is that the screen is shorter, both to fit the same form factor as the rulesbook/zines when all is tucked away on the bookshelf, but also it allows the DM to see that much more of whatever is beyond the screen without having to stand up, while still concealing whatever is behind it from players.

A solid screen that I'll be using for all sorts of TTRPGs, not just Shadowdark.