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Complete Collection 2017-2020 (5E)

This is it. The complete collection! Get The Arcane Library's full digital PDF back catalogue through 2020 at a giant-sized discount.

  • 15 bestselling 5E adventure PDFs with digital maps for online gaming
  • 1,200+ printable combat cards
  • 1 overseas travel supplement
  • 1 free bonus: A goblin-run underworld market! 

"So well done! Not too short, not too long, not too wordy, not too vague. One of the best purchases I’ve made in a while." ★★★★★

"These one shots are set out beautifully making them easy to follow for new DMs (GMs)." ★★★★★

"Must have. The prefilled cards are great, the fillable ones are even better, as with a minimal amount of effort you can really have cards for anything not in the SRD." ★★★★★

What's not included in the Complete Collection?

Legally, we can't include DMs Guild adventures, so this doesn't contain The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse and The Corruption of Skyhorn Lighthouse.

We also have a free 1st-level adventure, Temple of the Basilisk Cult, that is only available as an exclusive download for those who join our newsletter

Finally, material from 2021 onwards is not included. So far, that's the Demons and Devils bundle and Born In Blood.

    Note, these are digital PDFs we email to you.

    Cover art © Tithi Luadthong.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Emerson Call
    The Gold Standard of 5e Adventures

    Really high quality writing a design. Every adventure is exciting and super easy to run.

    The best published adventures out there!

    Easy and intuitive to run. The horror ones are truly creepy, the others have great ideas for fun adventuring. Combat cards make it simple. Dionne has a great format and creativity.

    Perfect mix of fun and horror

    Ran this adventure in my icewind dale campaign. So far it was the highlight of my campaign. These adventures are perfect with vague enough mcguffin to insert anywhere, but enough background for a DM to just pick up and run with minimal planning. WOTC needs to take a page out of your book.

    Tons of material and fun for me and my players

    After playing the free basilisk cult campaign, I decided to buy this bundle and string the adventures together (with some modifications and home-brewed interim material) into one long adventure for my party. We're still in the early stages, but I love leading these adventures and my players love playing them!

    If you're a DM who likes to have a lot of detail provided in the manual rather than making stuff up on the fly, these campaigns could be an adjustment for you and might be a little tough. They provide the nuts and bolts of the story without the nitty gritty details. But if you're someone like me, who loves to make up stuff to fill in the blanks and roleplay situations as needed, these campaigns are just perfect. There is so little prep and pre-reading required of me to run these campaigns. All I have to do is skim the next couple pages of large text and bullet points, and I'm ready to DM several hours of material. These campaigns are broad enough to give me the flexibility to make each situation more elaborate, or more specific to the players, or more scary, or safer-- whatever I need in that moment, almost like I get to do a hybrid of my own material and published material without the prep work. Plus, we rarely have weird pauses where I have to re-read confusing and dense sections while my party waits. So great for busy DMs! Also, the maps and cards are beautiful and useful, and very amenable to virtual/remote play via screenshare.

    Benjamin Parker
    First Purchase

    This was my first buy from the arcane library. I'm very pleased with the quantity and quality of adventures. Good range of character level. Adventure text is a good balance of brevity and detail. I like the adventure supplements, too.