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Red Sky At Morning (5E)

Crossing the sea has never been more exciting and dangerous!

Red Sky At Morning is a four-page supplement featuring 13 roll tables to quickly and easily do the following:

  • Build seaworthy encounters with weather, unknown ships, and monsters

  • Generate names for ships, sailors, and pirates

  • Track crew morale and related events

  • Generate hooks, dangers, and treasures for islands spotted at sea

This supplement will challenge, terrify, and threaten characters levels 1 - 10. Make no mistake; the high seas are dangerous and unforgiving. As with any open-world environment, sometimes the best option is to head for safe harbor!

Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Austin
Great companion for seas adventures

Great pages to assist with sea-faring voyages - Nice roll tables for quick reactions and adds spice to an overseas travel.