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Legends of the Library, Vol. 1: Four Adventures (5E)

Four sword and sorcery adventures set in a majestic jungle, demon-haunted monastery, ghostly ship, and distant moon!

Legends of the Library, Vol. 1 contains the following full-length 5E adventures at a discounted price:

  • 1st-level, Ghostlight: Board a mysterious ship that appears from the mist and brave the afterlife of dead sailors.
  • 6th-level, Fangs of Oatali: Recover the stolen Fangs of Oatali to appease a furious god before he causes a cataclysm.
  • 8th-level, Monastery of the Shadow Sorcerers: Infiltrate an otherworldly monastery and steal the mighty black lotus from its demonic guardians.
  • 15th-level, Gate of the Lens Wizards: Explore the caverns beneath a distant moon and confront intelligent spiders and glass-skulled astronomer wizards.

Each adventure takes roughly 5-8 hours to complete and comes with printable combat cards and gorgeous virtual tabletop maps.

Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

Very well organized and easy to navigate. Looking forward to using these in my vampire one-shot.

what's in a name
Ghostlight is so cool!

I've changed the flavor to be sci-fi for my party and Ghostlight works perfect for a shift perspective of what's happening. They leave their spaceship and suddenly they're on a ghost pirate ship. Then they failed the sex save and trip and suddenly it looks like a spaceship again.
Lots of fun to be had. The Will o Wisp was a bit crunchy for level 1 characters so I did nerf that attack since it wasn't regular combat. But my group is really liking this so far and they haven't even gotten to the tavern. (We couldn't play very long the first time cause still getting stuff set up :'( but!!!! The will be coming for them soon). Really excited for this series of modules. My DM recommended it to me to run for my first time and it's really easy to use and embellish.