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Demons and Devils: Two Diabolical Adventures, Levels 5 & 6! (5E)

Two frightful adventures that take the characters to a dark realm of misty mirrors and a battered church beset by a colossal devil and his minions! 

Demons and Devils contains the following two 5E adventures:

  • 5th Level, The Demon in the Mirror: A creepy dungeon crawl into the twisted and otherworldly realm of the mirror demon
  • 6th Level, Night of Devil's Peak: An apocalyptic, events-based survival adventure during the awakening of the mighty devil Tchernabog

Each adventure takes between 5-8 hours to complete and comes with combat cards, virtual tabletop maps (with and without grid), new monsters, and the creepy feeling that a demon is watching you!

Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

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