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Treaty of the Tiger King, 1st-3rd-Level One Shot (5E)

A lone king arrives at the city's bustling harbor with hopes of negotiating peace for his people in a distant land. But an assassination attempt puts his mission in danger and reveals the king's hidden enemies. Can the characters protect King Rami and help him gain the political influence needed to achieve a lasting peace treaty?

Treaty of the Tiger King is a diplomacy-focused, urban one-shot for 1st-3rd level characters. It take about 3-4 hours to complete and includes:

  • Social events, intrigue, and hidden assassins
  • Respect-earning mechanics that influence a treaty negotiation
  • Combat cards for each monster, PC, and special treasure
  • High quality digital maps for use with virtual tabletops 

Note, this is a digital PDF product that we email to you.

Video walkthrough of the adventure below.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
great adventure

Great adventure that mainly shines through its focus on diplomacy instead of battle. One star less as two of the events are quite similar, so that I altered the second one a bit for more variety.
All in all we still enjoyed it very much.

Extreme negotiating tactics!!!

I played this adventure solo with a 3rd level character basically as written and was extremely dissatisfied due to King Rami losing no matter what he does... he goes into the negotiations from a position of weakness only wanting peace at any price, ignoring the assassination attempts and either loses badly or loses very badly... this is a no win scenario for him!!!

The next time I ran the adventure, I had my Lawful Evil Yuan-ti Monk(1st)/Stone Sorceress(1)/Hexblade Warlock(1)... now she's a negotiator!!!

Once she understood the terms of the negotiation, taking into account the assassination attempts, independent of King Rami she "negotiated" with a Necromancer to create an Undead Army of all the previously slain Prospectors & Mercenaries on the Island Kingdom then "negotiated" with the local Assassin's Guild to assassinate any Merchant sending Prospectors or Mercenaries, paying them using the ill gotten gains from sacking the Island Kingdom... a 2-prong approach.

Next, at the negotiating table, she declared war on the Merchants, holding them responsible for anyone setting foot on the Island Kingdom, explaining the steps she had taken on King Rami's behalf.

King Rami was able to remain true to his values and beliefs and all that was required was to his tolerance of the reallocation of stolen resources/funds and an Undead Army of those who took the resources/funds.

Taking this approach, it became a very satisfying adventure!!!

This is so interesting! I hadn't intended it as a solo adventure (designed it for a group of 4-5 characters with a variety of skills), but it's cool to know that under certain circumstances it works out for solo play! :)

I used this diplomatic scenario as the backbone of a 5 part adventure.

These adventures are so well written, they are easy to read, run, and adapt as necessary. This particular adventure i used with some name changes to fit into my established campaign. It was perfect. Also with a gender swap for King Rami, my group created a romantic story ending in one player letting go of his L5 character to live with the ossan people.

Im looking forward to my next purchase.

Jess C
Amazing, unique and so much fun!

This one-shot is absolutely one of the most fun I've ever ran/played. I wish there were more intrigue/diplomacy modules. The Arcane Library never fails to impress, and this module is no exception!!

Dason Anderson
Tango with nobles, parley with spies, and do your best to not end up dead in an alleyway. Get you...

This module is more of an interlude than a full-on adventure, but honestly that’s perfectly desirable and, at times, necessary. The social encounter and treaty tables in this adventure are infinitely adaptable and reusable in any number of adventures where politics, negotiations, etiquette, or persuasive dinner talks are applicable. Tiger King could serve as a segue or intro to any urban adventure setting.

TotTK is a prime example of the Arcane Library’s innovative style and depth of creativity. The exotic story is fun and engaging, providing both combat and intrigue scenarios for players, but the colorful social encounters are the takeaway from this module. The usefulness and flexibility of the tables make them ready to drop into your own DM toolbox for use in session after session of tabletop role-playing.

With hooks that could plausibly lead into other Arcane Library adventures, a unique approach to table tactics and role-playing that isn’t often seen in casual games (at least in my experience), and the ever-inspiring brilliance of Kelsey Dionne’s authorship, “Treaty of the Tiger King” is a must-read for any daring DM.