How To Create Compelling NPCs In Seconds

by Kelsey Dionne 3 min read

Every DM will face the inevitable need to come up with a compelling NPC on the fly and make it look like it was the plan all along. So how do you go from nothing to a clever, sassy potion vendor in a matter of seconds? 
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How To Handle Spells That Can Derail Your D&D Game

by Kelsey Dionne 11 min read

Have you ever had a spell completely derail your entire D&D adventure?

I've heard a few horror stories, including one where a druid used speak with animals and a few pointed questions to uncover the adventure's surprise villain within the first ten minutes.

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How To Use The Open Game License (OGL)

by Kelsey Dionne 10 min read

Publish D&D adventures legally with the Open Game License (OGL) and 5E Systems Reference Document (SRD)! A primer on how to publish D&D material as a third-party writer while remaining lawful good. 

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